What’s the
New France Festival?

It’s a unique and festive historical event showcasing 17th and 18th century America.

Celebrate Québec city in its major historical role…

Thanks to its historical and entertaining atmosphere, its numerous activities for gourmets and its 400 shows, reenactments and lectures, the Fêtes de la NouvelleFrance festival celebrates with both pomp and humour the historical period that gave to Québec city its major role in the history of the continent. Hundreds of artists, crafters and interpreters bring life to this rich cultural heritage. Festive, historical, gastronomical are thus the three words that summarize the idea behind this festival.

This year, exploration, celebration and discovery reign supreme!

At the Festival, you will be immersed in the New France era: 18thcentury soldiers stand guard as merchants do business inside the fortified tenaille of the Arsenal. There’s no better reason to savour summer every day thanks to the great barbecue and to numerous local products tasting kiosks. And why not celebrate lovely summer evenings to the sound of our music shows?

A bit of history

1534 – Discovery of Canada by Jacques Cartier

New France was founded during the age of the great European discoveries in the 16th century. On a voyage of exploration, Frenchman Jacques Cartier landed in North America and “discovered” the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The territory was already populated by indigenous peoples, who called the land “Canada.” In 1534 Cartier erected a cross at Gaspé and claimed Canada in the name of the king of France.

1608 – Quebec founding by Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain, considered the founder of New France, built a habitation in what would later become Québec City, making it his base for trade and other economic ventures. French colonists began to settle in the St. Lawrence Valley and Acadia.

1620-1670 – Establishment of the first cities

The early settlers played a major role in New France’s development by introducing newcomers from France to the land, climate, and the aboriginal nations who made North America their home. As European explorers ventured further and further afield, trade thrived and new towns and trading posts sprang up.

Early 18th century –  French North America reached its peak

Its boundaries had expanded considerably to encompass over half of the continent, extending all the way from Hudson Bay to Louisiana, and including a goodly portion of the presentday Maritime provinces, the entire St. Lawrence Valley, the Great Lakes Basin, and the Mississippi Valley.

1713 – Treaty of Utrecht

The British colonies, already a threat, became too populous and encircled New France. In 1713, France ceded Newfoundland, Acadia, and Hudson Bay to England under the Treaty of Utrecht.

1760 – Conquest of New France by England

New France was conquered in 1760 and handed over to England once and for all three years later under the Treaty of Paris. Only Louisiana remained in French hands, but it too was ultimately ceded to the United States in 1803.

The Giants

Word from our elective officials


Message from the mayor of Québec City

In Québec City, summer is a time of cheerfulness and celebration. In the middle of a particularly vibrant season in the capital city, the 20th Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France festival invites you to discover how the francophone accent took root in the Americas more than 400 years ago.

In the company of figures who are as colourful as they are picturesque, allow yourself a journey back into history as you stroll through the streets of the Vieux-Québec. Once again this year, hundreds of cultural activities, festive events or culinary discoveries will punctuate your excursion into the day-to- day life of the colony in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France: your key to cheerfulness and enjoyment!

Régis Labeaume
Mayor of Québec City


Message from the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Welcome to the 2016 New France Festival!

Once again this summer, Québec City will take a journey through time that’s sure to please visitors curious to know what life was like for some of the earliest European settlers in the Americas. Crafts, shows of all kinds, historical re-enactments and other activities will all help ensure the success of this festival that keeps getting more and more popular.

The Government of Canada is proud to support the presentation of the New France Festival, a gathering rich in history that helps promote Québec City within the country and abroad, boosts tourism and brings important economic benefits.

Many thanks to the organizers, artists and many volunteers who brought this year’s festivities to life.

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage 

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

The Corporation

Corporation des fêtes historiques de Québec was set up by the municipal authorities in fall 1996 to create a popular festival with a historical flavor. The result is the creation of a notforprofit organization and an executive committee that today boasts 10 members and governs the New France Festival.

Boards of directors

Gisèle Bourdeau – PRÉSIDENT
Clinical Placements Coordinator – Programme de Physiothérapie, Département of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medecine Université Laval

Marie-Louise Pineault – VICE-PRESIDENT
Business Development Manager – Transicio. com

Yanick Santoire – TREASURER
CPA, CA, MBA, First Director, Audit et Certification – Price Waterhouse Cooper

Nathalie Gilbert – ADMINISTRATOR
Marketing Director – Nebbio

Designer – Sonia P

Yves Beauregard – ADMINISTRATOR
Director – Revue Cap-aux-Diamants

Marie-Dominic Labelle – ADMINISTRATOR
Director – Société du patrimoine urbain de Québec, Centre d’interprétation de la vie urbaine

Benoît Bernier – ADMINISTRATOR
Les Productions Hommage

Marie-Ève Leclerc- ADMINISTRATOR
Director and Business advisor – MebiaRH

Isabelle Longpré- ADMINISTRATOR
Tourism consultant

Philippe Morisset – ADMINISTRATOR
Lawyer – JoliCoeur Lacasse S.E.N.C.R.L.

Dominic Bédard – ADMINISTRATOR
Director – Cochon Dingue Champlain

Marlène Lyane Richard- ADMINISTRATOR
Maketing strategist and events specialist – Productions Star Mundo / Mundo Medias