Treasure hunt for the 2021 TD New France Festival 10 June 2021

Seven historical quests in Old Quebec: August 5 to 15

Quebec City, Thursday, June 10, 2021 – Today, the TD New France Festival is pleased to unveil an all-new concept: the TD Treasure Hunt. From August 5 to 15, 2021, Old Quebec will be transformed into a giant playground, the stage for seven quests, each one inspired by a historical figure from the New France era. Participants will search the Old Quebec and Petit Champlain areas for clues and keys to solve the quests and learn more about this period. A decoder Medallion and map will help with hidden codes in the quests. And participants who so choose can enhance their experience by accessing (free of charge) the online Treasure Hunt from their smartphone. Decoder Medallions are now available, for $15 (tax and fees included) from

Find keys to the doors to other times

Time portals and mysterious objects have appeared in the heart of Old Quebec after a shocking event: A temporal storm has thrown historical figures and explorers out of their own time lines and into ours. To send them all back, participants must find keys for the seven doors and decode a specific date for each historical figure, so they can find their way through space-time back to New France.

Overview: TD Treasure Hunt

  • 7 quests, 7 historical figures, 7 keys per quest
  • Follow the clues and find the keys in the decorations set up throughout Old Quebec and Petit Champlain, divided into seven distinct zones.
  • Decrypt the secret codes with the help of the decoder Medallion and treasure map.
  • Use your smartphone to find the treasures also hidden in the decorations, win points, dress your avatar and discover exclusive historical content!

There are three ways to enjoy the TD Treasure Hunt:

  1. With the decoder Medallion and treasure map (the only way to find the secret codes and be eligible for the grand prize)
  2. With your smartphone, via the online Treasure Hunt (game accessible for free)
  3. Combine both, for the ultimate experience!

The seven historical figures featured in a quest

The seven figures that players must help through their respective quests are Marie Rollet, Marie-Anne Barbel, First Nations Chiefs Kondiaronk and Donnacona, Pierre Dugua de Mons, Olivier Le Jeune and Jean Talon. Each historical figure’s story will be told through historical videos that can be unlocked during the quests, through the online Treasure Hunt and onsite. To provide rich and accurate historical content, the organization has called upon seven history enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge: Ariane Godbout, Mona Andrée Rainville, Steeve and Denis Gros-Louis, Marc Duchesne, Webster and Samuel Venière.

“We at TD are proud to support events that celebrate the richness of our culture because we’re convinced that a flourishing cultural environment is essential to the well-being of individuals and communities,” explained Denis Drolet, Vice President, Quebec-Est District, TD Bank Group. “Inclusiveness and diversity are values that drive us and guide us in all we do. We are thrilled that this year’s program involves components on First Nations historical figures, in addition to focusing on the great diversity that makes up our history. Also, thanks to the TD New France Festival, families will benefit from educational and COVID-safe entertainment in our beautiful provincial capital city.”  

A safe event for current health conditions

Health measures will be put in place by the organization to comply with provincial public health guidelines. The TD New France Festival has received a positive notice of compliance regarding the planned measures. Actions and scenarios to deploy the event onsite will adapt according to the alert level issued by the Quebec government.  These measures will be announced on the website and on all New France Festival communications tools, and they will be adjusted as needed as the situation evolves.

An updated Board of Directors

Since last fall, the Corporation des fêtes historiques de Québec has been hard at work harnessing all the creativity needed to rekindle the Festival this year. A new Board of Directors, made up of 13 people mainly from the Quebec City region’s business community, has been in place since December, incorporating the contribution and expertise of five new members. In partnership with the Quebec Winter Carnival (operational partner of the TD New France Festival), the Corporation worked out several potential scenarios.

“The cliché is true: a crisis, like the one we just went through, sometimes does lead to new opportunities,” said Jean-Philippe Royer, the newly elected President of the Board of the Directors of the Corporation des fêtes historiques de Québec. “It forces us to take time out and reflect, to find ways of doing things differently. And while it’s true that a crisis can pull the rug out from under us for a time, it also pushes us to bring out the best we have to offer to fulfil our mission.”

See the composition of the new board in the appendix.

Thanks to our partners

The organization wants to thank its partners for their contribution to and collaboration in the event. Our thanks go out to our presenting partner, the TD Bank Group, as well as Ville de Québec and Québec city Toursism, to the governments of Quebec and Canada, to Wendake Tourism and to Indigenous Tourism Quebec.  Thanks also to Parks Canada, SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles), the Coopérative – Quartier Petit Champlain, Ville de Québec and Château Frontenac, who are hosting the TD New France Festival on their sites. And finally, thanks to our hotel partners: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec. TD New France Festival is a member of the Regroupement des événements majeurs internationaux (RÉMI) and Événements Attractions Québec (ÉAQ). 


Requests for interviews:

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Press Agent

Cell: 418-580-8421


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Communications Manager

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Composition of the Board of Directors of the Corporation des fêtes historiques de Québec

  • Jean-Philippe Royer – PRESIDENT
    Bouchard + Avocats Inc.
  • Éric Vignola – VICE PRESIDENT
    President, Vignola stratégies d’affaires et mise en marché 
  • Donald L. Gilbert – TREASURER
    President and Strategic Advisor, DG Stratégie 
  • Geneviève Bergeron– SECRETARY
    Director of Operations and Communications, RIIRS
  • Dominic Bédard – BOARD MEMBER
    Associate Director, Cochon Dingue Ste-Foy 
  • Samiha Hazgui – BOARD MEMBER
    Digital Strategy Consultant 
  • Alexandre Naud – BOARD MEMBER
    Heritage and Archeology Consultant 
  • Laurier Richard – BOARD MEMBER

Mallette syndics et gestionnaires Inc.—Licensed Insolvency Trustee

  • Alexandre Guindon – BOARD MEMBER
    General Manager and Co-founder, 2 Degrés
  • Fabrice Consalvo – BOARD MEMBER
    President, Spina-Consulting 
  • Louis Martin – BOARD MEMBER
    President, LMG Audace & Créativité
  • Martine Rioux – BOARD MEMBER
    Digital Strategy Consultant and Copywriter
  • Patrick Boisvert – BOARD MEMBER
    Tourism Consultant