Being a volunteers, is to give some of his time to live an unforgettable experience!

Year after year, our volunteers are valued collaborators and key actors who are responsible for the success of the New France Festival. We know we can always count on their fabulous energy. However, to avoid large gatherings and ensure the safety of all, the New France Festival 2021 will, exceptionally this year, not offer closed sites. We therefore regretfully announce that volunteers will not be needed this year.

Getting involved in a major event

You are organized and dynamic and have a feel for everything festivities? You are undoubtedly the right person to become a volunteer at the New France Festival! For a shot at an incredibly rewarding experience, please look into our various committees, then express your interest shortly by filling in this form. We will later communicate with you to confirm you’ve been hired and to discuss the next steps.

See the committees


  • Is there a minimum number of hours volunteers can work?

    New France Festival volunteers can be available for only a few days. However, they must be available for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours in order to ensure that this huge event runs like clockwork.

  • If I become a volunteer, can I still freely participate to all of the activities?

    Yes. You will receive a Medallion with your first assignment that provides access to all event sites and shows.

    All FNF volunteers also enjoy:

    • A meal or a snack depending on the schedule of the assignment
    • An invitation to the volunteers party
    • A prize draw at the volunteers party
  • When does the working day start and end for volunteers?

    Your schedule will depend on your availability and your committee.

  • Will volunteers be fed?

    Yes, volunteers will have access to meals, depending on how long they work for.

  • What’s the next step once I register as a volunteer?

    Once your application has been saved in our system using the nouvellefrance.qc.ca website, someone in charge of recruitment will contact you to go through the information in your file. This person will confirm your preliminary schedule, the times of upcoming social activities, and when your committee will receive training.

  • I will be coming from outside the québec city area. Will you be able to provide me with accommodation for the duration of the new france festival?

    No. Volunteers will have to pay for their own accommodation.

  • Who can I contact to find out more or to make changes to my file?

    You can contact the volunteer department at all times by calling 418.694.3311 or email rh@carnaval.qc.ca.